Benign Unexpected URLs

Nice read about valid and invalid entry points for web applications:

  • Benign Unexpected URLs – Part 1 – Missing (404 Not Found Error) Files
  • Benign Unexpected URLs – Part 2 – Valid Entry Points
  • Benign Unexpected URLs – Part 3 – Additional/Missing Parameters


Decoding Javascript Hex Encoding on Command Line



Alternate Data Streams (ADS) and Symbolic Links on Windows

Nice article about some features of ADS and symbolic links on Windows:


Adobe Flash & Privacy

Nice blog posts about Adobe Flash and privacy:

… to be continued


Remove XF86Back / XF86Forward from special key on T61

The keys above left and right cursor keys are quite annoying on a T61 – they allow forward and backward switching of e.b. web pages. But usually they get pressed unintentionally… (OK, denpends on the fingers …)

Find out which keycodes they have:

start xev and press the keys:


Disable Teredo Win 7

  • open admin cmd
  • netsh
  • interface
  • teredo
  • set state disabled
  • exit


Open source and free log analysis and log management tools

Here’s a list of open source and free log analysis and log management tools: [...]