How to remove the blue line of evil in Outlook

Here’s an article how to force Outlook viewing every email in plain text:

How to view all e-mail messages in plain text format

… should be enabled by default … ;-)


[RP]: Ripping Volume Shadow Copies

Corey Harrell started a series of posts about VSC at the “Journey Into Incident Response” blog:


Change Passphrase for encrypted root Volume (Ubuntu / LVM / dm-crypt)

Here’s a quick list of handling the passwords / passphrases for an encrypted disk:


[RP]: Visualizing Packet Captures For Fun and Profit

Nice tutorial:

Visualizing Packet Captures For Fun and Profit


[RP]: Windows Authentication Tokens

Nice post about authentication tokens in Windows:

Protecting Privileged Domain Accounts: Safeguarding Access Tokens



[RP]: Fiddler and NTLM authentication

Nice post about Fiddler and handling NTLM authentication:

Fiddler and NTLM authentication


[RP]: Protecting Privileged Domain Accounts

Really nice posts about Windows password hashes:


[RP]: Burnout

Great article: Burnout