Configure Monitor / Display Resolutions (Ubuntu 10.10)

After installing a KVM switch Ubuntu won't recognize the correct display resolution of the LCD monitor anymore. The following helps to query and set the resolution:

get the correct modeline

 cvt h-resolution v-resolution [refresh]



Hacking Virtual Machines

Nice articles about "Hacking Virtual Machines":

  • Part 1 – Sniffing
  • Part 2 – Environments Where Virtualization Lives
  • Part 3 – Crashing unpatched Hyper-V hosts
  • Part 4 – Knowing That the Target is a Virtual Machine


Hibernating Problems Ubuntu 10.10 / T61

Update 2010-11-03: the problem isn't solved reliably … works only "sometimes". Seems to be a kernel problem, see here:

The hibernation problem ("moon" LED blinks, blinking cursor in the upper left corner, no activity) is solved:

-> edit /etc/default/acpi-support

-> add hibernate as first item of SUSPEND_METHODS

-> reboot